Handan No.1 Middle School

Location: Handan  Hebei
Site area: 350,000㎡
Building area: 251,605㎡
Design Time: 2007
Ecological principles: The school itself has no unique natural environment, but ecology is a strong tone of the times, so our design place landscape garden ecological buffer zone in the middle of the campus, and set full of green systems between the various functional areas, so that the school can truly reflects the natural ecological experience and achieves the goal of health campus. 
Cultural principles: First, our design respect for local history and Handan humanities qualities which lead us to create different high school from other regions. Second, with "people-oriented" as the purpose, the design fully respects for the actual needs of the staff and students, making school reasonable, convenient and considerate. 
Principles of sustainable development: we fully consider the operability of school phase’s construction in the design, setting aside some land in the plan for future needs. In architectural design, whether teaching building or dormitories are taken into account because of the possibility of changes in the future management needs.