Hainan Purple Garden

Location: Haikou,Hainan
Site area: 233000㎡
Building area:320000㎡
Award: 2011 excellent engineering survey and design award in Guangdong Province ,second-class prize for engineering design
2011 second-class prize for excellent engineering design in Guangdong Province 
2011 the national excellent engineering survey and design industry awards,residential and residential area - third-class prize
The project takes Southeast Asian tropical resort residential architectural style as the basic ideas, while combined with local architectural features of Hainan, full using local building materials, considering the local climate characteristics, and to create a new image of relaxed, casual, rich cultural atmosphere community. 
With classical Chinese garden architecture layout and transparent design, the project borrows scene, making the indoor and outdoor integration, thus build a new pattern of scene household—— the city a beautiful landscape.