Mountain Poetic House

Location :Guangzhou
Site area: 54,000 ㎡
Building area:166,000㎡
Design time:2003
Awards:2006 Chinese living innovation model - Chinese famous building of international influence 
2006 First-class prize for excellent engineering design in Guangzhou.
2007 First-class prize for excellent engineering design in Guangdong Province 
Mountain Poetic House is located in the center zone of "North superior" area in Baiyun District. As “advocate the harmony of life and nature" to be the design concept, the project fully demonstrate the harmonious coexistence of man and nature, not only in line with the natural ecological environment, but also has a long history of Eastern feelings, thus carefully build a natural human ecological community with oriental charm. With architecture tone of traditional Hui houses, the building shows the most representative style elements with modern techniques and technical means. Building facade highlights the color characteristics with the traditional houses "black, white, gray," elegant and nature. Each building has a backyard, seems independent but interlinked, forming a relatively enclosed and open space with the center large garden. The entire district keeps the traditional Chinese architectural style, while integrating Chinese elegant of poetry and painting and classic beauty into interior decoration style, thus let the traditional Chinese culture to be heritage again.