• 2010

    CIHAF most influential design scheme in China

    CIHAF most influential commercial real estate design agency in China

  • 2012

    Chinese city sustainable development impetus awards - Gold Crown Award of annual b- est estate supporting business

    CIHAF China estate - brand value of architectural design institutions

    Outstanding design unit award of Chinese architectural design yearbook editorial board

    China mainstream real estate Gold Crown Award –The annual most valuable architectu- ral design firm

    CIHAF most influential design scheme in China

  • 2013

    CIHAF Chinese excellence commercial real estate design mechanism in 2013

    Gold medal architect of Chinese architectural design industry in 2013

    most influential architectural design organization in China in 2013

  • 2014

    "2014 Chinese city sustainable development impetus" Gold Award -- best annual architecture design company

    The third session of the future city sustainable development forum "best international design agency"

    2014 annual benchmarking enterprises Brand Award in Guangdong province real estate circles